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Catedral de La Plata

Inspired by the cathedrals of France and Cologne in Germany, was built in neogothic style. It was officially inaugurated in the year 1932. It is one of the most interesting visits in the city of La Plata.

Parque General San Martín

It is the main and oldest park of Mendoza. It was built to promote forestacin after the earthquake of 1861.

Iglesia San Francisco

For its architectural beauty and historical importance is one of the main attractions of the city TOURIST was declared a National Historical Monument in 1941.

Ariadna Pastorini | Contemporary Art & Heritage

The City Museum invites you to discover and explore their heritage, redescubrindolo a hand through Ariadna Pastorini and interventions ....

The voice in times of Carlos Gardel | Sample

Images and recordings of artists from all genres of the era of Carlos Gardel ....